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Dr. Ashcraft is Phenomenal

It's very rare that I give 5 Stars...but Dr. Ashcraft and his team, (especially the woman who shows the frames) is phenomenal.  I'll start with the doctor...he is knowledgeable, professional, and kind.  I went in a bit over a week ago, because I could barely see out of one of my eyes...I literally thought I was going blind.  Dr. Ashcraft ran all kinds of a diagnosis...wrote a prescription, and know my vision is almost as good as new.The woman who handles the frames is HILARIOUS...she chats with everyone, and makes them feel as if they're her best friend.  Although her job is to sell...she doesn't give a hard sell, but definitely shows you what will look good on you.  The rest of the team is professional and friendly...but Dr. Ashcraft and I'll just call her the "frame lady" are phenomenal!If you don't have an eye doctor...or even if you do...and that doctor is just "so so"'d be doing yourself a great favor by giving Dr. Ashcraft a try.

- Gianna R. - Yelp