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Low Vision Services in Playa Vista, California

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Playa Vista, California Highlights

Playa Vista California is one of the neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles. It is a part of the Westside area of the County of Los Angeles. The land was a part of the Rancho La Ballona Mexican land grant, which then ultimately came under the control of America after the Mexican-American War. The neighborhood of Playa Vista as we know it today used to be the burial ground of the Tongva tribes of the Native Americans hundreds of years ago. The fact came to light while the very first development projects were underway. However, burial rites were performed at the Westchester bluff in the year 2008 to lay the unearthed remains back to rest.

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Playa Vista has an area of 1.30 sq. miles and the latest statics suggest that the population of the neighborhood is 6,010, and growing rapidly. It is one of the most sparsely populated areas and the population density is lower than the average for both Los Angeles City and County of Los Angeles. But that will not last for long.

Playa Vista shares its eastern and northern border with Culver City. Del Rey is on the northwestern side and Marina del Rey on the Western side. Westchester lies to the southeast of Playa Vista.

The people of Playa Vista feature a diverse racial composition. The Whites constitute 32.4% of the total population while there are 34.8% Latino, 21.2% Asian, 4.7% Black and 6.9% others who hail from miscellaneous ethnicities; making it a highly diverse neighborhood from the standpoint of both the city and the county.

Given the fact that Playa Vista is a small neighborhood, it has just two elementary schools. However, there are numerous high schools and middles schools, both public and private in the adjacent neighborhoods. Playa Vista is where the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) is based. It is a state-of-the-art research institution of the University of Southern California.

Playa Vista has a regional hiking facility and the Ballona Creek bicycle path that runs alongside the Ballona Creek. Besides, the neighborhood has four parks. Together they have all kinds of sports fields.

  • Playa Vista Sports Park
  • Playa Vista Central Park
  • Fountain Park
  • Playa Vista Dog Park

There is a separate training area that has been constructed for the professional basketball team, The Los Angeles Clippers.
Playa Vista has a prosperous economic scenario. There are some important companies who have their headquarters in Playa Vista. These are;

  • The consumer electronics giant Belkin Intrnational Inc.
  • ICANN, a non-profit business engaged in database and network management.
  • Game developer and distributor, Electronic Arts Inc.

Other major employers in the neighborhood include Youtube Space, Rubicon, Deutsch Inc., Microsoft, Facebook, Gehry Partners LLP and TOMS.

Playa Vista has made significant strides in the area of preserving the environment in the past. Environmentalist and developers joined hands in the year 1994 to restore the Ballona Creek and the wildlife with a view of lessening the impact of development on the natural environment. New residential and commercial projects are coming up right next to the reinstated wetlands. Nevertheless, there are some conservationists who have an opposing view about these upcoming buildings in the wetlands.

Playa Vista Locations and Landmarks

Playa Vista Medical Center

6020 Seabluff Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90094

Kaiser Permanente Playa Vista Medical Offices

Playa Vista , 5620 Mesmer Ave.
Playa Vista, CA 90230

Sunrise Of Playa Vista

5555 Playa Vista Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90094

More Locations

Spyglass Park

off Pacific Promenade overlooking Lincoln Blvd
Playa Vista, CA 90094

Cinemark Playa Vista

12746 W Jefferson Blvd
Playa Vista, CA 90094

Los Angeles Public Library – Playa Vista

6400 Playa Vista Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90094


Playa Vista Sports Park

13196 W Bluff Creek Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90094

Celedon Gardens

Bluff Creek Dr & Seabluff Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90094

Central Park at Playa Vista

12045 Waterfront Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90045

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