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Low Vision Services in Northridge, California

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Northridge, California Highlights

Northridge, California is known for its numerous shopping districts and breathtaking homes sought after by some of the most affluent and successful families in America. Large numbers of prospective citizens have rightly chosen Northridge, California as the place best suited for raising a family. The cities appeal for tourism is great, but the long-standing residents of Northridge, California solidify the city as a place that once you enter, you may not wish to leave.

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The original name of the community was Zelzah, but it was later renamed North Los Angeles in 1929.
Because of the confusion with other cities of similar names like Los Angeles and North Hollywood, the name of the city was changed to Northridge in 1938.

The history of Northridge goes back to the Spanish explorers. California was occupied by American military forces in the late-1840’s. Instead of the usual procedure to “grant” land, the Mexican Governor sold it to the Spanish native Eulogio de Celis.

A few years later, the land was divided up and the heirs of Eulogio de Celis, started to sell off parts of the land. Various people owned the land until it eventually became the city of Northridge.

Northridge is an educational center of the area. Students looking for a renowned and traditionally well-respected university have chosen Northridge as the home of their scholastic endeavors, thanks to the presence of California State University, Northridge.

In 1994 an earthquake struck Northridge although actually the center of the earthquake was in the neighboring city of Reseda. This earthquake was one of the strongest earthquakes in North America. There was a lot of damage with the collapse of freeways as well as the damage caused to numerous buildings. This area lies on a major fault line and was the second major earthquake in less than 30 years. There was also a large earthquake called the San Fernando earthquake (or the Sylmar earthquake) which struck in 1971.

In 1951, a local reporter reported that Northridge's population had reached 5,500 residents, an increase of 1,000 people from 1950. In addition, it was around this time that Reseda Boulevard had been paved at its full width and become the main business street of boulevard proportions. The need also arose for Northridge to accommodate the new population, so in 1954 the first middle school opened in the rapidly growing town. Northridge Junior High School, later known as Northridge Middle School, opened with 1,000 students who had been brought all the way from Fulton Middle School in Van Nuys.[11]

Northridge boasts some of the most creative, delicious, and satisfying cuisine in all of California. Visit Brent’s Delicatessen and Restaurant on Parthenia Street to treat yourself to their famous Black Pastrami Rueben. Or head down to the Belwood Bakery Café on Tampa Avenue for sandwiches and world class macaroons. Emie’s on Reseda Boulevard could be the perfect place for breakfast and brunch, as their French Toast has, by all accounts, become world famous.

If immersing yourself in fashion and beauty is your desire, Northridge hosts the businesses necessary to provide you with the glamorous products that California is famous for. Visit Final Touch Beauty Supply & Salon on Reseda Boulevard to either touch up your look, or start a whole new beginning. The Susan Alan Salon on Tampa Avenue provides skin care, and a vast array of hair removal procedures, sure to help you look your best on that upcoming audition.

Folks from all fifty states, and from all around the world have chosen to move into this great city, with
good reason. Northridge, California is home to successful businesspeople, famous actors, and some of the most exciting and dynamic shopping and nightlife options that can be found in California.

Northridge Locations and Landmarks

Northridge Hospital Medical Center

18300 Roscoe Blvd
Northridge, CA 91328

Pacifica Senior Living Northridge

8700 N Lindley Ave
Northridge, CA 91325

Sebesta Care

16950 Dearborn St
Northridge, CA 91343

More Locations

Vanalden Park

8956 Vanalden
Northridge, CA 91324

Dearborn Park

17141 Nordhoff St
Northridge, CA 91325

Northridge Park

18300 Lemarsh St
Northridge, CA 91325


Northridge Branch Library

9051 Darby Ave
Northridge, CA 91325

Oviatt Library

18111 Nordhoff St
Northridge, CA 91330

The Museum of The San Fernando Valley

18860 Nordhoff St
Northridge, CA 91324

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