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Q: How can a child's learning in school be affected by their vision?
A: A child's ability to learn is strongly dependent on having a normal visual system. Having clear vision is only one aspect of 17 visual skills that are required for reading and learning. In certain vision disorders, some of the visual skills required for efficient learning are mal-developed. Vision therapy is a treatment program that can remediate mal-developed visual skills, and help children reach their maximum learning and reading potential.

Q: Can I wear my contact lenses at the beach?
A: Technically, no because there's a risk of infection. But the great thing thing about contact lenses is that they adapt to your lifestyle. So. you can wear them at the beach, and especially recommend that you wear daily disposables for this purpose. Just make sure that if you feel any redness or irritation that you remove them and flush your eyes out with a salient solution if available or clean water.If the redness or irritation continues, call our office for further instructions.

Q: Are there some every day activities that can cause Dry Eye?
A: Yes. Generally those that suffer with allergies, or have systemic inflammatory diseases like arthritis and sjogrens’, or those who use the computer or digital devices often and even contact lens wearers tend to be more susceptible to dry eye symptoms.

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