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Seven Reasons You Will Love Family Eyecare Center

Reason #1 – Friendliness

Our office is fun to be in and the staff is always friendly. We know that a grumpy person can ruin an otherwise pleasant experience, so “No Grumps Allowed.”

Dr. Ashcraft has gone to great efforts to choose a staff you will love to be with. Many patients have asked us if we are always this friendly, and the answer is a definite “YES.”

Reason #2 – Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust

When you go to the doctor, you have questions:“Are my eyes healthy?”“Why can’t I see at night?”“Why are my eyes red or dry?”“What type of lenses are best for me?”“Can I wear contact lenses?”“What’s new?”— or any one of 100 other questions.

You Deserve Up-To-Date Knowledge

You deserve an up-to-date answer from a doctor who has knowledge and experience you can trust. You don’t want old out of date information. You don’t want to know what was current 30, 10 or even 5 years ago. You want to know the latest information in a world where things change quicker than the nightly news.

Dr. Ashcraft has always been curious about everything and loves to learn. He graduated first in his high school class of 500. He attended BYU on a four-year academic scholarship. While others waited for a letter to find out it they had been admitted to optometry school, he was admitted on the spot at the interview. He graduated first in his optometry class as valedictorian. And that is just the beginning. He has been learning every day since.

Knowledge Must Go Along With Experience

Knowledge is necessary but is just the starting place. Some things can be learned only by experience. For over 30 years, Dr. Ashcraft has been seeing patients from infants to those approaching 100 years old. You could say he has seen just about everything.

With Dr. Ashcraft’s knowledge and experience, he will be able to answer your questions. At Family Eyecare Center of Optometry, you deserve the best.

Reason #3 – Technology and Tools

Family Eyecare Center of Optometry Has the Latest Tools and Technology.

One hundred years ago, an optometrist had a case full of lenses he would pull out one after another.

Now we have computerized vision analyzers that can measure your prescription automatically. We have special digital cameras that can look into your eyes and magnify everything so health problems aren’t missed. We have scanners that can see behind the back of the retina to make sure you don’t have leaking blood vessels or the beginning of macular degeneration.

The best doctor who has knowledge and experience can’t do a good job if he only has a flashlight.

Dr. Ashcraft has the latest technology because you deserve the best.

Reason #4 – Caring and Concern

How can a doctor show real concern for you?

Concern is one of those terms used loosely today. Allow me to share with you how our office specifically shows our concern for our patients. First of all, you will notice we are interested in you and what is best for you. We want you to be happy and satisfied and to come back again and again. We want you to send your family and close friends to our office. Patients and their families have been coming to our office for over 60 years.

Caring Means Spending Time With You Listening and Answering Your Questions

To show caring and concern for you, Dr. Ashcraft takes the time to answer your questions. He explains tests and their results. He talks about your options and make recommendations.

In today’s world, you may feel like you are just a number. It happens when you call your cable company, satellite provider or internet provider. It happens with big insurance companies. It happens at the DMV. It happens almost everywhere.

Have you ever been at the doctor and as a question came to your mind you saw the doctor walking out the room?

At Family Eyecare Center of Optometry, we show old fashioned concern by listening to you, answering your questions, and helping you make the best decisions about your eye care.

Reason #5 – Value and Choices

Have you ever bought a cheap product only to have it fall apart or not work right? We all have. You may forget that it was cheap, but you don’t forget it wasn’t worth the money. True value consists of quality materials and services at a reasonable cost.

We want you to have the best quality materials at a value that will fit in your budget.

Reason #6 – Full Range of Quality Services

We offer a full range of quality services and materials such as:

  • comprehensive examinations using the latest technology
  • treatment for pink eye, dry eye, glaucoma, and allergies as well as other conditions
  • all types of contacts lenses including bifocal, astigmatic, cosmetic colors, and disposables
  • fashion frames including Gucci, D&G, Rayban, Tura, Oakley, Kate Spade and others
  • every lens type including progressive, computer lenses, polarized and transition etc.

Reason #7 Patient Satisfaction

We could talk a lot about the advanced level of care we provide, but in the end the only thing that matters is patient satisfaction. Our goal is to delight you and help you and your family see into the future for a lifetime of healthy vision.