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UV Safety Awareness Month

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July is UV Safety Awareness Month, and that is not surprising! With the summer season sun out and the hottest time of the year, it's now more vital than ever to safeguard your eyes from hazardous UV rays.

Throughout this month, individuals who have actually experienced UV ray damage, their families and friends should be motivated to share their experiences and suggestions. Utilize the hashtag #UVSafetyAwareness on your social networks channels to support others in your neighborhood.

Did You Know?

It isn't just your skin that's at risk, it is also your eyes. When your cornea is exposed to too much UV radiation, a condition understood as keratitis can occur. UV radiation can likewise trigger little growths on the white part of your eye, which are called pterygium and pinguecula.  They not only look bad, they can grow on to the eye and make your vision worse.

If you experience any of these signs, call Dr. Ashcraft for an appointment to check them out.

UV ray direct exposure is a danger aspect for eye conditions and illness. In 20% of cataract cases, cataract development has actually been connected to UV ray damage. It's important to be mindful of UV ray direct exposure, particularly if you or a household member are in this age group. This is also another reason that you need to wear a good quality pair of UV protected sunglasses all the time when you are outside.

Just What Are UV Rays?

You might have heard about UV rays without understanding what they really are. UV stands for ultraviolet light.  They are an invisible part of sunlight, the same rays that cause sunburn.

Why Are UV Rays Dangerous?

Too much sun direct exposure, however, can trigger early aging in the skin, burns in the eye, and might even alter the shape of your cornea and cause other major eye damage, leading to vision issues. It's even more unsafe for more youthful individuals, specifically kids, due to the fact that kids's lenses are more transparent and transfer UV rays more quickly.  So kids get more UV exposure.

If you are experiencing vision or eye issues give us a call. We can help. Routine eye examinations  are crucial for keeping your vision healthy, particularly throughout the summer season.

UV Safety Can Go a Long Way

The good news is, it's quite simple to safeguard yourself from long-lasting direct exposure to UV rays. Take a look at our leading three UV safety tips:

  1. Put on Those Shades

Anything less than that will not protect your eyes from damaging rays. Do not worry, there are plenty of fashionable sunglass styles, so you'll protect your eyes without compromising style.

  1. Sunscreen and More Sunscreen

Use sunscreen prior to going outdoors and make sure it has an excellent SPF (Sun Protection Factor) number. UV rays can reflect off water, so if you're hitting the swimming pool or beach, take additional preventative measures.

  1. Use a Hat for More Protection

Protect your head and the skin on your scalp with a hat. A wide-brimmed hat is best, considering that it likewise safeguards the tops of your eyes which may not be shaded by your sunglasses, and is too delicate for sun block. For the fashion-conscious, there are unlimited designs to select from, so shop!

Throughout this UV Safety Awareness Month, we encourage you to share your stories and successes.