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Did You Forget Something on Your Back to School List?


The excitement of the start of the school year is here! Between the busyness of meeting new teachers, buying school supplies and crisp new clothes, you may have overlooked one important task: scheduling an annual eye exam for your child.

Vision has a big impact on your child’s success in school. Not only does it affect their ability to see and learn new material in books and on the board, but it can also affect performance in sports and in interactions with friends. Even if your child has not complained about headaches or blurry vision, his or her vision may be changing just as quickly as the rest of the body!

A comprehensive eye exam by Dr. Ashcraft will help you sleep better at night–knowing you have done all you need to do to make sure your child will succeed in school. A back to school eye exam will inform you of the overall status of your child’s vision. It will detect any problems with ability to see up close (nearsightedness, or myopia), or ability to see things in the distance (farsightedness, or hyperopia).

Additionally, the exam will make sure your child’s eyes are working well together and that there are no conditions such as colorblindness or lazy eye. Vision screenings at school often miss many of these conditions.

“Children’s Vision – Back to School” by California Optometric Association

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Even a small change in your child’s vision can make a big difference. Having regular eye exams will ensure that your child is able to focus better and set them on the right path to success.

Don’t forget this important step in making sure your child is ready to learn and do well in school. Call us today at 310-620-6495 for an appointment or click the button to schedule an appointment online.


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